Hand Reflexology

hand reflexology

There are reflex points on the hands that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body and by using the unique thumb and finger techniques on these reflexes, the body responds by relaxing, rebalancing, and improving blood circulation.
The hands are not as sensitive as the feet and the reflex points are much deeper, however, a hand reflexology treatment can be extremely beneficial.

Hand reflexology can be used at the start or end of a traditional food reflexology treatment, or as a stand-alone treatment in its own right. It is particularly useful to use when a foot is injured or where a client is unable to elevate their leg.

Why the hands?
Our hands are perhaps the most active part of the human body and popularity of hand reflexology has grown with the increase in hand-use intensive activities such as: gaming, keyboarding and texting – because hand reflexology provides a relieving respite in the hand’s busy day. Hand reflexology can therefore serve as an accessible tool to get some relief from the stresses that new technologies sometimes put on our hands.

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